KTA is an iOS Games company founded in Malmö, Sweden 2010.

Bo And Boa Swedish release

Your worst nightmare is panting down your neck while you furiously add tiles to jump on. Hesitate a second too long with a jump and you are dead. But somebody loves you. Icarus wings, a trojan helmet and magical fireflies helps you along your journey.

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Bo and Boa sneak peak!

The Great Oblivion: Well done! You defeated me once. I am sure it won't happen again.
Bo: Where am I? Who am I, and who are you?
The Great Oblivion: I am "The Eternal Oblivion". And you are my prey. HAR, HAR!!
In this world, beyond time and space, you will spend an eon running from me.

Bo: This is not right. I am not supposed to be here.

KTA:s next game, "Bo and Boa", is nearly finished. Just some buggfixing and some final features remains to be implemented. In the meantime, enjoy this sneak peak of the game!

Satans Dozen

I should never have gone to the village, should not have visited the carnival, should never have tried that game...

Who could believe such a harmless looking machine would endanger the world as we know it?! For each monster visible I can feel the unholy thing consuming my will, transforming my fear into some kind of twisted energy, tearing a hole between our and that alien dimension. I hear horrific roars not meant to be heard by human ears, by creatures thought to be dead and gone a long time ago. I dare not even imagine what they look like or what they will do to our poor souls...

Must stay focused - shoot - bullseye - shoot - shoot - killed that one. And The Eye, the evil eye which keeps coming back. IT is watching me, THEY are watching as the portal grows bigger...! How long can I hold out..?! How big does it have to be for them to enter..?! And the monsters just keep coming faster... I need better guns! Give me more time! BOMBS!!

And still…, I can not stop playing. Have to insert another quarter. Will it be my last one? Have to kill the monsters - must save the world. Kill the monsters, save the world...

Pod Odyssey

Use your galactic pilot skills to guide a lost space POD through a series of jagged cosmic mazes, evil missile-shooting robots and homing space spiders.

Master Tile

A falling blocks puzzle that adds new dimensions to the pattern matching game genre. Matching tasks are resolved when the apprentice (You) has managed to mimic the masters patterns perfectly. The challenge complexity is increased by color-shifting tiles appearing at a rapidly increasing pace.

Bugs In A Maze

Your desk has become a mess, and now it is even invaded with creepy bugs. In order to get rid of them, your skills in problem solving and precision is challenged to help them find their way out of the maze of obstacles. Will your multitasking skills and patience be great enough to master the game?

Cafe Games

Cafe Games is a suite of board games that can be enjoyed together with a friend, your family, or why not a stranger?